2. Developing a strategy

Why is a strategy so important?

Strategic sustainability management hinges on goals – defined over a short, medium and long-term horizon. Goals are also the cornerstone of any strategy document. A strategy document acknowledged throughout your company provides a reference framework for all planning and execution initiatives. It also supports communication both within company walls and beyond, bringing transparency to all facets of your sustainability performance. No matter who approaches your company to ask about your “green” policies and practices, your strategy document arms you with the information you need to give qualified and substantiated answers.

I can create a sustainability strategy document tailored to your precise needs and journey –regardless of whether you are new to the corporate responsibility scene, looking to increase process efficiency or seeking to guide realignment efforts.

Industry focus

Sustainability has become a global movement touching all facets of society. No serious market player can afford to ignore it. This has fuelled a wide range of initiatives and new sustainability standards, including new regulations at national and international level in the European Union. New requirements and requests for cooperation are also increasingly being formulated by stakeholders such as suppliers, service providers, customers, consumers, competitors and industry associations, as they too step up their sustainability engagement.

I will help you identify the core sustainability requirements in your industry, prioritise these within the context of your operations and channel them into an individualised sustainability strategy with clearly defined goals. This compass will keep your company on course as you navigate what can be complex terrain.

Strategic umbrella for your contribution to society

Donating money or other resources/services to local or international not-for-profit causes is a fantastic endorsement of your company’s wider vision and commitment to society beyond your core business. Here also, the right strategy makes all the difference. If you want your social engagement to have the greatest possible impact – for your target groups and your company – nothing should be left to chance.

I will help you evaluate and strategically align your contribution to society, also supporting you in choosing suitable partners and kicking off your projects.

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