5. Communicating with stakeholders

Corporate communication and dialogue

You should be talking about the good things you are doing. For maximum impact, your sustainability activities need to be shared with the public, especially in this age of social media. Even if it’s not required by law, companies today should be sharing audience-specific sustainability achievements with different stakeholder groups.

I will help you to define the format and scope best suited to your corporate sustainability report and also to populate it with content. In addition to this, I will select the ranking and rating indexes relevant to your company and help you formulate your responses to what can be extremely detailed questionnaires.

The perfect media strategy

You can also rely on me for the competent planning and execution of your media strategy. I can help you with internal communication, including sustainability workshops and courses, as well as with the selection and mobilisation of suitable formats to engage with external stakeholders.

Communicating via multiple channels

Ideally you should reach out to your stakeholders – whether they be customers, suppliers, employees or members of the public – via as many touchpoints as possible. Tie your company’s unique commitment back to sustainability frameworks and standards to carve out a competitive advantage.