1. Scoping needs

Your sustainability requirements

You want to be able to make water-tight statements about the economic, ecological and social impacts of your business operations but are not quite sure how to go about it? And you do not have a massive budget for staff, PR agencies and similar investments?

Or perhaps you are looking to build on your existing commitment to sustainability to further strengthen your company’s performance and raise your game to the level of key customers, competitors and suppliers. But you simply don’t have the right expertise in house …

I will sit down with you to jointly take stock of your activities and categorise them according to widely recognised and international strategic sustainability management criteria. This gives you a solid initial base for future decisions.

Turning standards and requirements into value for your company

Standards and criteria are extremely useful information tools and the only way to compare performance. After all, no one wants their sustainability achievements to go unnoticed.

But I am not just interested in making sure you tick all the right “green” boxes. Instead, I work with you to explore ways of adding value to your company through compliance with standardised requirements. This value could be realised directly through savings or innovations in your operational processes. Or it could take a more indirect form, for example by increasing levels of trust among your customers.

Analysing your stakeholder pool

Do you know who your most influential stakeholders are and what’s important to them? This knowledge can help you pinpoint issues of relevance to your company – from both a potentially positive and negative perspective. Stakeholder analysis can also provide the perfect starting point for direct, constructive dialogue, enabling you to engage with stakeholder groups that may have a more critical perception of your operations.

I can analyse your various stakeholder groups and help you manage the expectations they have of your company. So, for instance, I can reach out to your stakeholders and develop dialogue formats that enable you to engage with them and gain an understanding of their agenda. At the same time, you can outline your own positions and your room for manoeuvre. This two-way communication forms the basis for compromise, inspiring new ideas and paving the way for progress.

Embedding sustainability successfully into your organisation

Although sustainability can translate into a competitive advantage, top ranking in a sustainability index is not necessarily the best benchmark of operational success. In my experience, good sustainability management grows from the inside out.

Companies that secure and drive their success through sustainability management generally have their sights firmly set on the needs of their customers and are always ready to rethink their business processes. I will be there to support you at every step of this – sometimes challenging – journey.