Consulting for strategic sustainability management

Telenario supports small and medium enterprises particularly in implementing procedures which meet the ever-increasing ecologic requirements without compromising business profitability. The increasing demands are framed by different stakeholder groups: regulating authorities, direct customers, end user, civil society, to name just some. The requirements may also target different fields of business activities – the product and its attributes, the behavior of the company, or a demand for more transparency in the company’s communication attitude.

The variety of sustainability consulting services of Telenario includes consulting on an individual basis, custom-made solution for the challenge in question, as well as contextualizing the measure or the single project into the big picture of the company’s sustainability performance and sustainable development in its entirety. Find out more about Telenario’s services.


My name is Dietlind Weide and I am the brains behind Telenario. I have over twenty years’ experience as a sustainability manager in major companies across a wide range of industries. Like to know more? Write to me at